Car Accessories


Avoid breaking the law and getting points on your driving licence if you are caught talking on the phone.

In the UK you can receive a fine of up to £100 for talking on your phone whilst driving and gain 3 points on your driving licence. Read here for further information.

At LDN Wireless we sell a wide range of phone accessories for the car, including;

  • Phone holders for your car so that you can use your phone whilst driving and avoid holding it in your hand if you need to answer an important call.
  • Sat nav systems for when you are driving and need help finding your way, especially if you are taking a new route.
  • Phone chargers so that you never run out of battery power when you need to make an emergency call.

At LDN Wireless we think long-term and plan for the future so that in the event of an emergency you have the tools that you need to avoid breaking the law and get help.

Personal Entertainment

We also sell accessories for personal entertainment such as the iPad holder so that you can watch movies in the luxury of your own car and enhance your driving experience for yourself and your passengers.