Chargers For Work & Home

Ensure that you purchase the right replacement charger for your Smartphone or Tablet. We sell genuine chargers for Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and Nokia.

Take your time and browse through the different chargers we sell above, we have power banks so that you can always have power on the go, whether you are out in a remote location, at work or in your home; you will always be able to make that emergency call once you have access to battery power.

Business Trips & Holidays

Order your travel adaptors so that when you visit a new country you have immediate access to power for your laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

There is nothing worse than having a charger that you can’t use because your plug does not fit in the socket when you need to call your friends and family.

Our aim is to help you plan ahead, especially if you are travelling for work and need to send a email to the office or make a business call.