Repair business

Learn how to repair Smartphones and tablets at home in your own comfort zone. You can start a lucrative, profitable business right from your home. We sell all the spare parts you need to start a part time business at your own convenience.

With an estimated 7 billion mobile phones in operation globally you will be able to earn an honest living by starting your own repair business.

You should ensure that when your friend’s iPhone breaks, you have the tools that you need to earn money for offering a good service at an affordable price. With YouTube you can learn how to repair any iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet as long as you are willing to take the time to learn.

Spare Parts

At LDN Wireless we sell a wide range of spare parts for the leading manufacturers such as: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Blackberry.

You can compare prices on all the genuine LCD display screen touch digitizers we sell and order your iPhone repair tool kit right here at LDN Wireless if you need to start earning extra money.